Backyard & Micro-Weddings

For the team at Jennie Cooks, a wedding is truly a special event. We do weddings almost every weekend of the year and after thirty years, we consider ourselves experts at the art of party, most especially weddings.

With COVID19, we are encouraging smaller events with plated meals.It's possible the buffet will make a comeback, but for now, a plated meal is preferred.

Give is a call, or fill out the contact form, and we can start talking about your beautiful occasion.

It takes an intense amount of organization and systems management to create a gloriously successful wedding. We're very organized and punctual. We hire all the staff (and train them so there are none better). We're experienced, friendly and insightful! We love weddings!

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We'd love to get you an estimate. Drop us a line and we'll turn it around for you after you answer a few questions. We're also really speedy with the quotes!

    A sampling               of wedding menus and more information

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Rental Companies

Rentals are often a huge portion of wedding expenses, so it’s important to allow for a generous budget. If you can, stop by one of the beautiful showrooms at Town and Country and have a look at all the fun furniture and equipment you can rent for your wedding! If you’re on a budget, we recommend Smart Party Rentals or finding a local company close to your location. Jennie Cooks has most everything for the buffet and all the kitchen equipment, short of appliances and tables. We can handle procurement, or the client can save some money by doing it themselves.

Great Snaps


Of course we do tastings! After you get an estimate and a menu from us, we’ll set up a tasting. Selections are chosen from your suggested menu. Should your wedding bill exceed $6,000.00, the tasting is complimentary.


Weddings are expensive! Our average price for a wedding including staff and soft beverages is around $80. a person out the door. The food portion only, with two entrees, two salads, two sides with bread and tapenade starts around $30. a person. After that, we add  appetizers, libations, staff and rentals, and before you know it it’s up to $89 – $129. a person. We’re quite talented when working with a budget, but everything costs something. We’d love to talk about your vision and needs and work up an estimate for you.

Event Coordination

There is so much to take care of on wedding day! We highly recommend a coordinator for the day of the event. The coordinator usually works a twelve to fifteen hour day taking care of every detail. From recieving rentals, the cake or desserts, musicians and officiants; as well as placing the escort cards, draping the tables and installing the tablescapes.  The coordinator sees to every bit of it!  Where will the music go? Sometimes, depending on size, support staff may be required. Where are the centerpieces? The rental company forgot the knives… things happen,  and the coordinator will deal with it. Doesn’t that sound like a good idea? The coordinator stays till the end of the party, wraps up the rental pick up, pays the vendors and gets the trash to the right place. NOW does it sound like a good idea? There’s more, but let’s talk about it on the phone.

Event Fee

It is standard practice in the catering business to add a production or event fee to the bill. This charge pays for everything from the labor to procure and produce the food for your event, insurance and staffing, purchase and use of servewares, equipment and utensils, and the time we spend with you designing, revising and building your event. We always give every ounce of necessary energy to make your celebration an absolute success. A gratuity for the staff at your event is at your discretion, never expected and always appreciated.

Shabby Chic China


Jennie’s a bit of a collector and plates are her passion.  A few years back, her Johnny banned her from bringing any more plates into their house. She decided to make the problem the solution and offer them to her clients! That means she can keep buying plates! She keeps several cutlery patterns in the house to complete the set and they are all available for rent. The shabby chic china collection is very popular with our brides (especially at the Smog and Marvimon) and with our celebration / milestone clients as well.


A family style dinner needs more staff than a buffet, and weddings last longer than birthday parties. Support staff like captains, chefs and bartenders are a large part of the equation. There are many other variables in wedding staffing, and we’ll discuss them all. We have faultless formulas we’ve been using over the decades and always stagger the staff arrival and departure times to keep your staff fees to the absolute minimum. When we quote your event, you’ll see an itemized list of needed staff. Once we’ve had a chance to discuss bar tending, cake cutting and clean up, we can make an educated estimate on needed overtime, and additional overtime will be billed after the event.


We have skilled bartenders for your event and we would love to create a specialty cocktail too. Let us know you’re interested when you book your tasting and we’ll create a libation just for you. And we can stock your bar too. Give us a call, let’s mixmaster it up.