I had a very odd tasting last week.  It was the day before Christmas Eve and a vegan couple from Arizona were in for the holidays and wanted to come in for a tasting. Naturally I made it work.  They did not tell me  that the mum was an editor of some Fancy Schmancy food mag. They made some jokes at my expense while I was trying to extract what exactly was going on. But that’s OK, I can take it.  I’m 99% sure I will NOT be awarded the job. However, the Fancy Schmancy food editor loved the vegetable tian and vowed to make it for her holiday party. (Glad to be of service of course.)

It doesn’t get any better than this, when it comes to deliciousness on the plate.

A Classic Vegetable Tian 

Preheat the oven to 350*.

Prepare your vegetable slicer (Mandoline)  to the medium slicer. Without cutting your fingers, slice  a mess o’veggies. Our favorite combination is zucchini, carrots, onions and potatoes.  Slice SO MUCH that you’ll think ” this is crazy! We’ll never eat all these vegetables!”  The picture below was for a tasting for 4 people. Get it??  That was about 3 zucchinis.

Toss everything thing together with a crazy amount of olive oil if you’re me, or a moderate amount if you are you. Add lots of chopped garlic. Add fresh thyme. You may chop it or de-stem it,  we throw it in on the stem and pick them out after.

Listen to me now, DO NOT SALT!!  This mass of deliciousness reduces so much that if you salt now, it gets very concentrated and overpowers the finished product.

Now, spread the veg out on a sheet pan, or a 9 x 13 at your house. A cookie sheet with a lip would also work. Press it down. let it cook and cook.  It’ll take about an hour, maybe an hour and a 1/2.  As it  browns around the edges, turn it into the middle and smash it down again.  it should look like this. Pull off the thyme sprigs and salt lightly. Serve and enjoy.