Yesterday was a good day. We are uber busy at the catering company, and it seems that VEGAN thing is catching on. So glad we are all putting our health as a priority this year. Over the holidays, my girl Allison turned me on to Pinterest. Oh my. What a delightful way to suck time right out of my day! I think I love it more than Facebook. It’s like an e-zine with everything I love on every page, I cannot get enough.  I found this sweet potato lasagna recipe  and we tried it on that sensational country western singer  Carrie Underwood.  She’s va va va vegan.

It’s so delicious I had it for lunch AND dinner.

Another way I like sweet potatoes in in my quinoa salad. I cut  it up and boil it, roasting would also work. I toss it with the quinoa, toasted walnuts, shredded spinach and a bit of onion because I love it. Toss with a Maple lemon vinaigrette. OO la la  – delish.

To make the day better than good, Pepe found this adorable potato.  I celebrated my good fortune with a dog walk.

God Bless our Beautiful Produce. Keep it natural!