One of my logos is a little butter knife I got in Martha’s Vineyard years ago. Pounded into the blade is my battle cry – SPREAD LOVE.

I love that thing, and use it on the regular. I recently decided to switch my daily cutlery pattern into a collection of mis-matched vintage cutlery, to go with my mismatched vintage plates.  I’ve been  a frequent shopper on E-bay and have had great luck creating my service for over two hundred guests!  Re-use makes me so happy!

The thing is, I only really need knives and forks, and when I would order a set, I would get all the hostess pieces, too. I am happy to have over five dozen butter knives, twenty or so pie servers, a handful of well-worn service spoons and a smattering of salad forks. These off-items are just waiting for me to pound a little something into them!

I started with a gift to my sister Sally Lou. She’s an excellent baker. I started her collection with a little pie server. You can see all the flaws first thing, but she really, really loved it, I could tell.

That’s it there, perched on her caramelized lemon bars.

I couldn’t decide which font I liked best, so I have a whole case of selections. I rather like the quirkier fonts, the little mistakes blend in better.

I sure do love a good hobby. What’s  yours?