On The Set

On The Set

Hello Hollywood, we love you! Jennie Cook’s has been catering to the entertainment industry since she was barefoot and pregnant back in 1985. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are available for your consideration seven days a week. We do it a few different ways. Call for prices 323.982.0052 and an estimate for your shoot.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner available seven days a week on location or in the office.

Set It Forget It

No service, just the food in disposable pans. Not very elegant, but sometimes it is just about the food. We’ll arrive about 20 minutes before you want to eat, with the hot or cold meal, get it ready and say goodbye!

With Service

We arrive with a smile ready to set up a beautiful buffet about an hour before your scheduled meal break. And when I say we, I mean one of our amazing servers, unless you have a large group or want omelets, then there’ll be more than one. Point them toward the tables you’ll be providing and soon a little lunch oasis will appear, offering your crew a sumptuous and healthy meal ensuring a productive and satisfying afternoon.

Special Diets

Just so you know, our food is really healthy! But even so, some folks are on strict diets. Experience has taught us it’s better to do a special order instead of tweaking the whole buffet should certain members of your crew have menu restrictions. The majority of the crew will be happier with a little cheese and gluten, even if a few others prefer to abstain. We ask for 48 hours notice on special requests and all will be accommodated.

Sustainable Elegance

Bump up your karmic points from the universe and order up the agate plates and silverware. Maybe add some flowers and linens for the guest tables instead of that tacky plastic, because you know, agency is coming. Appetizers you say? We say yes, we can do that! Ask for anything, we excel at meeting the needs of our clients.


We have a $500 food minimum for all jobs including breakfast. Call for exceptions.