Local & Sustainable

Our Sustainability Statement

We do our best every day to create a wonderful product in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. We promote a culture that encourages slowing down a bit and savoring everything – especially meals. We think about where our food comes from, and how we can make the best choices, especially regarding resource usage. We strive toward reducing our unsustainable practices to the absolute minimum. We see ourselves as stewards of the earth, and try to walk as softly as possible. We will continue to identify the problems and find sustainable solutions, as we do our part toward creating a healthy global citizenship. As we grow, so does our practice of sustainable management. We will continue to collaborate, implement and celebrate new experiences and insight. There’s always more to do and learn in creating a sustainable future. We learn something new everyday. And we recycle like crazy – because as the man says “there is a market for everything”.


Yup, we sure do. All our trash is separated, composted, recycled or as a last resort, heaped into the land fill. We keep our landfill requirements to a minimum and practice a reduce, reuse, recycle mindset with every drop in the bucket.

Zero Waste Agate Wares, Cutlery and Tumblers

Jennie’s been catering since 1985. Do you have any idea how much waste her little company has put into land fills over the years? It makes us shudder. We have an affordable solution. For a small fee {negotiated per client} we can bring our full set of agate wares, cutlery and tumblers to your party. It’s really cute and far better for the environment. We have other china sets available, but that’s another story. We encourage you to spend a tad extra and have an almost paperless party. Yay for Zero Waste!


So many options! Naturally, we’re regulars at our year round Farmers Markets here in sunny Los Angeles and we support a food system where everyone has access to local sustainable foods. Along with local purveyors, we can source anything – this is Los Angeles! The Greatest city IN THE WORLD! With that in mind, we are proud to say that conscience consumption is in full swing at Jennie Cooks Catering and we’d love to create a sustainable menu just for you. Please give us a call and we’ll talk about fennel, oranges, berries and the best tempe in the WORLD! And if you like, Jennie can introduce you to your farmer at the Sunday morning Farmer’s Market.

Community Activity

We, the people are key to a sustainable future. We need to reclaim our communities and neighborhoods, look around us, share our smiles and our food. We are active members of the Arroyo Network of Timebanks, and The Urban Dinner Chef use our Kitchen for amazing community events where attendees can be the chef as well as diners. Jennie’s running the board at RootDownLA, where the street team in South L.A. is busy educating, creating access AND demand for healthy affordable REAL food. What are you doing? Would you like to help us? Jump in!


We have a strict “no water bottles ever” policy. We will not buy them or provide them for your event. We will provide at no additional charge, ice water and paper cups! What a great, sustainable idea, right? We discourage purchasing of all bottled beverages (except the alcoholic variety of course) and encourage our delicious homemade elixirs created especially for you. With enough coercion and advance planning, Jennie could be convinced to make a specialty infused booze in your honor, it’s happened before.

Elixirs, Iced Tea and Coffee Service

We love to make infused elixirs to match the mood of your event. We offer black, green or herbal iced and hot tea, and our coffee is roasted in Culver City, an organic fair trade source; and not to mention delicious. We can make purchasing recommendations for your booze and if you order any beverages, we’ll also supply complimentary water service.