Do you know this guy? He makes the best tempha in all the land. He sells at most of the Los Angeles Farmer’s Markets and his staff is GREAT! I love them all.

We  order a special size for the catering company, fry it up with a triple vegan dip, and make the best schnitzel with apples. A dreamy plant based indulgence.

And we do a lovely grilled Campania with caramelized onions and peppers, finished with balsamic reduction. Oh, I Love this.

It’s made with black beans and brown rice. The texture is smooth and it’s often been compared to calamari, only better. The boxes at the Farmer’s Markets contain 2 servings each, and a box is 450 calories, according to Robb, who knows all there is to know about these Artisan food products.

Find this booth, taste everything and take food home. It’s all delicious, and the easiest way to eat fermented food everyday. Don’t forget to try the healing broth with the vegetable chop. I cannot get enough. Go now, and eat.