Did you know a Wedding Planner will…

What we have here are two exceptional party professionals.

Event coordinators are so important.

They become your best friend, it’s more than just an event to a professional.

 We love them and you will too on your special day.

They tend to all the things you thought of.

And some that you didn’t…”Rain!!!”

“Who’s going to play the music?!!”

“How am I going to get there in this dress?!!”

 “How am I going to get a drink if I’m busy with photos?!”

They are that special sauce…

Whether you engage a planner or hire us to coordinate, you’ll want to marry your coordinator in the end, they are that good at making events happen!

Dancing Bride

Do you know what I love about weddings?  Dancing brides.  I recently had a bride contact me and say she wanted her wedding to end with guests dancing barefoot in the grass. I get that.  Of course, a delicious meal artfully served by our stylish staff is the most important part, I’d say second to that would be the dancing. We all need to dance a little more, am I right? You know I am.

This wedding at Reptacular Ranch shows the purpose of investing in a proper dance floor. It can be tricky to really let loose on uneven grounds. Dance floors are essential to most outdoor weddings.  How else could this happen?

Or this?

A good dance floor is inspiring. It creates a sense of security and encouragement.

No no, I know what you’re thinking, that’s not me, but she does have my moves.

Cheers Skylar and Stephen.

May your life together be as wonderful as the wedding celebration.


Credits: These amazing photos are from Jessica Shilling Photography.