Erin & Rikki Tie the Knot!

We had the first wedding from our chosen family a couple of weeks ago.

It was fan flipping’ tastic!

It was HUGE;  three hundred friends and family at an estate in Alta Dena.

Look over there, on the little porch.

Their friends from Sequoyah School put a band together for the ceremony. Pure epic-ness, especially when your friends are amazing musicians.

That’s Phoebe Bridgers in the red dress.


It takes a village to manage an event for so many, but this wedding was so intimate, you’d never know. So many folks were involved. Lots of planning and preparations, before, during and after.

They were married by their cousin. It was the sweetest.  It’s a nice big Catholic family.  The cousin picture needed a wide angle lens. No matter where you looked, there was a cousin!! They were very handy with the chair move…

These were three bridesmaids.

Peggy Hill had an exceptional day (that’s the dog).

I went a wee bit over budget on my candy bar, so I considered it part of my wedding present.

It was the hit of the night, if I do say so myself.

We had some uninvited guests.

A couple of bobcats and three bears.

Obviously, they were looking for porridge.

The bobcats fled, but the bears just kept hanging around, watching the kitchen.

I love this picture of Colleen and me.

I was so happy for her that day, it was so much fun to watch a friend be the mother of the bride! Both of us in dresses by Camille!!

I’m next!

I lurve this picture of the brides.

I only wish Peggy Hill’s face was in the frame.

For the table numbers, they used pictures of them at the same age as the table number. So very clever.


I think this is my favorite shot.

 All the tables are empty, because everyone is on the dance floor.

This was a perfect wedding.

Kids Invited. Yes, Please.

We were very inspired by this award winning shot by
Wedding photographer Paul Woo
to revisit all the reasons we love children at weddings…

#1:  They get all the feels watching Brides and Grooms walk down the aisle!

#2:  They make the most of dressing up in their swirly dresses and bowties!

#3: They are watching everything VERY closely
(and they look edible while they do it!)

#4:  They love being grown-up and solving the world’s problems
during cocktail hour!
(#4A: Kids tables…how awesome are those?!)

#5:  They know it’s all about the LOVE…and they are thinking about it
(or drawing hearts in the gravel – love this!)

#6:  They know what a dance floor is REALLY for…
(Lots of love for this award winner photo by Lanny Mann )
Where the heck was she?  Lying on the floor?!  Brave woman!

Fantabulous Venues where we fed these cuties…we recommend them all…