Soul Kitchen with Steve Taylor & Greg Whipple Benefitting Silverlake Conservatory of Music

Come into the Soul Kitchen on May 18th, 2017 for an evening with Steve Taylor and Greg Whipple, benefitting the amazing Silverlake Conservatory of Music.

This is an intimate evening with the artists. The commissary is turned into a stage and food and libations are flowing! We all share a meal in between sets!

After the first set, we’ll share a family style supper. Of course, we begin with specialty cocktails and assorted hors D’oeuvre.

Steve and Greg with give us a set while we settle in for the evening.

This is Steve. He’s a bit of a legend. I think it’s going to be a great night.

“Steve’s a multi-instrumentalist with a diverse background. He’s played with everyone from black gospel churches to the LA electro soul group Rhye.

His new opus, “The Land of Milk and Honey”,  was recorded in between international tours and recording gigs. A sparse, moody, and soulful record, it is full of ruminations on the search for an idyllic paradise amidst the chaos and loneliness of modern day life.”

The evening is all inclusive. Buy your tickets on the event page ( scroll down to the PayPal button) and show up on May 18th!

You will get an e-mail confirmation and a reminder.

We wine you and dine you and entertain too. It’s an indoor outdoor kind of venue, and you may have to move your chair from dinner to  the last set.

This is Greg.

Normally Greg is behind the scenes singing on film, television, and commercial scores. He’s also worked with  Imogen Heap and Muse.  Greg is excited to step into the spotlight  and share some of his favorite pop songs… that most people have never heard.

Come have a listen. Enjoy an amazing  four course supper with appetizers,  a bountiful vegan friendly menu for omnivores and desserts.

There will be wine, elixirs and cordials, it’s a grown up event.

Tickets: $75. to the benefit of The Silverlake Conservatory of Music

Pay here –  scroll down to the PayPal button. 

Camarillo Barn Wedding

Take a barn and make a party. A wedding party to be exact! A little nip in the air and a beautiful California day, then… MAGIC.

Sometimes my special agent gets a little too excited…she doesn’t want downtime – she wants pictures. I’ve found it’s easier to comply.  She’s very persausive.

When things are going well, Megan and I share a brain. Sometimes we don’t, as seen below.

The wedding ceremony and the reception were far away from each other. It allowed guests to really enjoy the property.  That is a classic, California Oak.  A bit of a walk across a large yard to get to the ceremony tree, then to another yard for the cocktail hour.

Look here!  We have marriage!

Let the appetizers begin! Slow roasted barbecued jackfruit sliders and our signature Krabby Kakes served by our ever lovely Tara.

Nothing stationary for the cocktail hour, all tray passed. I love that. Leaves them wanting a little more, and we always come with a little more! Dinner!

We all fell a little in love with this barn. The theme of their wedding was “lighting”. I thought that was hilarious when they told me. But as soon as I got there, I understood completely. It made the venue warm and cozy, yet still chic and trendy.

Insert guests! Service for an amazing delicious and satisfying plant based feast is about to happen!

We’re rockstars when it comes to family style service. See the lightening speed on Sheila?  See the calm and together bride? This is how we do.

Best selfie of all time. Cheers you two. Marriage looks good on you!