Our 2017 Batch of Fire Cider is Ready!

Yes it is exciting and, of course we’re not supposed to call it “Fire Cider”  given the trademark issues and all.  But for those of you who cannot get enough of this magical elixir – The time has come and we have it in stock! (Scroll to the bottom for prices.)

I wanted to walk my fans through the process, since it takes six weeks to brew. I’m not kidding and It helps to talk about it.

First I fill a very large jar with all the goodies. That horseradish gets me (and my sinuses)  everytime.

That’s only half of the ingredients. I pack it most of the way full, so it’s really hard to stir. Then I pour in 4 gallons of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar, wrap it in a dark cloth and stir it everyday for six weeks.

When it’s ready, I strain it three times and add one-third of the amount of local honey, bottle it and label it.

 Here’s a little FAQ sheet I made with all the benefits…and..IT’S READY PEOPLE!

Scroll to the bottom for prices and pick up info.

You can purchase it at our Make It & Take It event this Sunday…

(have you RSVP’d yet??! We’re almost full!)

Or give the Shoppe a call and we can arrange for you to pick some up.

This fall batch  of fire cider is rich with tumeric, ginger, garlic, horseradish and other plant based properties that will heal your soul (or light it on fire).

Two ounce –  a good size for your purse. $5.00

Four ounce –  good for morning shots. $10.00

Eight ounce –  for the true believers $20.00

It will be available at Make it & Take it and also available for pick up. But call first, caterers have funny hours.

Veganizing My Life – Part One

So, turns out I have high cholesterol. I eat pretty well, but I do love my fatty white foods. My Johnny and I decided to do the Forks Over Knives six week non- fat vegan plan, and you know what?  Couldn’t do it.  I cannot subsist on steamed food. I love my olive oil. I love it so much. We remain, plant based more or less, if you don’t count that turkey sammy I HAD to have on a pretzel roll this morning, for breakfast… I’m not perfect.

 I have over time, perfected a few junk food moves that are worth sharing.

This is a little falafally thing, one of my go-to meals.  I kind of used this recipe, minus the panko, and I always sprinkle in a little leavener, I used baking powder for the fritters in this pic. That’s a little za’atar and sumac for flavor in the little tupperwares. I didn’t have any tumeric or flax eggs, so I went without this time. Worked out fine.

Now about that slaw, from such sweet cabbage from My Lindsay girl’s summer job at Irene’s Farm.

I could eat cabbage with every meal. So very satisfying, crunchy, sweet and a little spicy. Does a vegetable get any better?

And all the other things, too. Summer is good to eaters.

These are my vegan hacks for dairy substitutions.

For the slaw – equal parts vegan sour cream or yogurt and veganaise, a generous portion of sugar and apple cider vinegar in equal parts.  Start with a teaspoon of each and keep adjusting.

For the  tzatziki –  I’ma big fan of the Kite Hill Almond products –  A little plain yogurt, parsley, and smashed cucumbers ( dill it if you like, not my cup of tea).  I stabilize it with a small bit of veganaise.

For the Tahini – I took a little vinaigrette dressing, added a tablespoon if tahini,  a tablespoon of veganaise, and a squeeze of fresh lemon. I  noticed with tahini that less is more.

For the Onion Soup Dip –  Knorr’s onion soup mix, yes it’s vegan, no hidden beef stock,  vegan cream cheeze and rice milk.  I whipped up the Kite Hill Cream Cheeze with the rice mix to the consistency of sour cream and then added the dry mix –  Turned out really well.

I’m a huge fan of vegan cream cheese because it’s thick.  I think vegan cream cheese, sour cream, yogurt and veggies all taste pretty much the same, so it’s all about consistency when it comes to cooking. It also makes a great base for creamy sauces.

 As a side note – I even had my eighty-eight year old meat eating Mama eating vegan! Yes! There she is in her pirate glasses!

I’ve been working on a little lentil mushroom kefka thing. I’ll let you know when it’s perfected!

I’ll let you know when it’s perfected!

Bon Apetit!!