Dancing Bride

Do you know what I love about weddings?  Dancing brides.  I recently had a bride contact me and say she wanted her wedding to end with guests dancing barefoot in the grass. I get that.  Of course, a delicious meal artfully served by our stylish staff is the most important part, I’d say second to that would be the dancing. We all need to dance a little more, am I right? You know I am.

This wedding at Reptacular Ranch shows the purpose of investing in a proper dance floor. It can be tricky to really let loose on uneven grounds. Dance floors are essential to most outdoor weddings.  How else could this happen?

Or this?

A good dance floor is inspiring. It creates a sense of security and encouragement.

No no, I know what you’re thinking, that’s not me, but she does have my moves.

Cheers Skylar and Stephen.

May your life together be as wonderful as the wedding celebration.


Credits: These amazing photos are from Jessica Shilling Photography.

Peachy Tequila Punch Drunk Love

I hear folks are melting in Los Angeles. So sorry,  I’m here, at the beach, watching whales and sipping on whatever I want, whenever I want it!  I love holidays!!

This peachy punch was a hot ticket at the last Nibbles & Sips. Give it a go, with this seasons’ amazing, juicy and abundant peaches. It’s Friday, It’s hot and I know you need a little “vitamin T ” right about now. Am I right?

Are you wondering how I make my fancy ice cubes? Well, make a noise and I’ll expose my ways!  It’s kind of tricky, I’ve had some fails, but I got it locked and loaded now, so I can advise.