Our 2017 Batch of Fire Cider is Ready!

Yes it is exciting and, of course we’re not supposed to call it “Fire Cider”  given the trademark issues and all.  But for those of you who cannot get enough of this magical elixir – The time has come and we have it in stock! (Scroll to the bottom for prices.)

I wanted to walk my fans through the process, since it takes six weeks to brew. I’m not kidding and It helps to talk about it.

First I fill a very large jar with all the goodies. That horseradish gets me (and my sinuses)  everytime.

That’s only half of the ingredients. I pack it most of the way full, so it’s really hard to stir. Then I pour in 4 gallons of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar, wrap it in a dark cloth and stir it everyday for six weeks.

When it’s ready, I strain it three times and add one-third of the amount of local honey, bottle it and label it.

 Here’s a little FAQ sheet I made with all the benefits…and..IT’S READY PEOPLE!

Scroll to the bottom for prices and pick up info.

You can purchase it at our Make It & Take It event this Sunday…

(have you RSVP’d yet??! We’re almost full!)

Or give the Shoppe a call and we can arrange for you to pick some up.

This fall batch  of fire cider is rich with tumeric, ginger, garlic, horseradish and other plant based properties that will heal your soul (or light it on fire).

Two ounce –  a good size for your purse. $5.00

Four ounce –  good for morning shots. $10.00

Eight ounce –  for the true believers $20.00

It will be available at Make it & Take it and also available for pick up. But call first, caterers have funny hours.

Thanksgiving Sides and Such for Pick-up

Our Thanksgiving Holiday Menu (scroll down) is ready, and we are getting ready for you!

 Save this date! November 19th, 2017 is the Annual Make it & Take it!

Come and make your own pie, or order one from us!  We’re good at the pie making!

Reservations for Make it & Take it open November 1st, and we sold out in 3 days last year, so put it on your calendar!

And please, let us help you, check out the menu below It’s everything you ever wanted on your Thanksgiving table!

(Oh, it can all be vegan, BTW.)

Pick up before 11 am, The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, November 23rd.

Food goes out cold, with re-heating instructions.

Place orders by Monday, November 20th – 10am or earlier so we can be better prepare all our orders!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Call 323.982.0052 and we also respond to  e-mail.