Berry Good Times

My all time favorite fruit is the raspberry. Followed closely by watermelon and white peaches, the raspberry is far sexier and more fun to eat and it has that little umami after flavor that is so satisfying.

But I’ve heard of a new berry, a cloud berry.

It is a highly treasured wild berry, and I’m a little obsessed.

I’m a member of a canning group on Facebook, and  that’s where I heard of these little fruity beauties. They grow on a single stem, with a single berry, in boreal bogs. Yes, I had to look that up, kind of a cool thing, bogs…  and then there’s the boreal part, who knew?

My friend Doug, from Alaska, is looking for volunteers to do some research on berry harvesting in the great tundra.  There was a little back and forth from potential participants, about giving up the location of secret berry patches. No one is asking for that, phew. But if you’re a berry picker in Alaska, check it out!

Oh, it applies to all berries, just not cloudberries.


I’d share a recipe, but I don’t have any cloudberry recipes!  So for now, I leave you with  another preservationist’s harvest. Life is good.

Photo credits:  The last two pictures are from my canning friend in Canada, Marcie Bast.

Crafting August 22nd on your Calendar

Some of you have received my hand crafted calendar over the past couple of years, full of squiggles and bits and inspiration. I get to making it in August during my beach holiday and I love the project. I do all the artsy stuff and then come home and begin the production part, duplication and distribution. I check my work. I check it twice. But there seems to have been a problem this August. The twenty-second has left the page. Oopsies. Sorry about that. I hear it’s still happening, so you’re going to have to pencil it in.

Pull out that white pen and a marker and let’s get to crafting August 22nd on your calendar! I re-wrote over the numbers with a purple sharpie, and then went back in with a white pen and filled in the extra marks. This is one of my super powers, but it’s easily attainable to the average artist, and worth learning because white pens are amazing.

In the meantime, don’t forget to enjoy this last month of summer, August is for beaches, playing with dogs and occasional cocktails. Turns out the big eclipse is happening the twenty- first. Hmmm, maybe my sub-conscious knows something I don’t know…

 I’m off to study the shoreline and absorb all those positive ions that only Grandma Ocean provides. Oh how I love Grandma Ocean. She never disappoints. It will forever be my happy place. What’s your happy place?