Drip Castles & Earthing

One of my all time favorite things is walking barefoot on the beach, at the edge of the ocean, bonding with my favorite Mama. I love it so much. I love the sand, the heat, the treasures.  It’s a type of earthing – bonding with the earth.  While I know that sounds super woo-woo, I’m a believer,  and so is every other beach goer, though they might be unaware.

You know who knows all about earthing? Builders and drippers. It’s the best way to get close to Grandma Ocean and Mother Earth.

You’re probably thinking, “Yeah, that’s good for kids, but…” not true. It’s good for everyone.

Do you see any children here? Besides my handsome twenty something (he’s a big fan of earthing)?

And I’ll use this exhibit, a little project that went on for days. Our neighbors at the beach built it and it was just at the sweet spot for survival. It might still be there. There’s a castle to the left out of sight. Feathers were the pop of  style throughout the colony.

Caroline Casey says “there is no enlightenment without nature.”  I agree. Do you need convincing?  Go for a barefoot walk, and see  for yourself.

99.9 Percent Totality- Total Eclipse of the Sun

I thought all the hubbub was a little silly.  I lived through an eclipse before, no bigs.  I thought it was adorable when I heard my General Manager Megan, was road tripping with her entire family to the perfect viewing site in Wyoming. Pretty cute.

And then it happened. Not where we are, but on the television. And, I admit it was very exciting, special even. The drop in temperature, the animal reactions, the darkness.  My beekeeper friend in Oregon, said all the bees went back to the hive, the horses, back to the barn. I guess for two minutes, then they turned around and went back out!

I collected some powerful photos. Have a look see.


Michael Shainblum took this amazing snap, staged but unedited. Magnificent!

The two below are from NASA. I love when I feel small in the world.

Of course, there was an eclipse wedding, beautifully captured by Valerie & Co.

 Megan’s review: TOTALITY WORTH IT!!

Keep looking up Megan!