99.9 Percent Totality- Total Eclipse of the Sun

I thought all the hubbub was a little silly.  I lived through an eclipse before, no bigs.  I thought it was adorable when I heard my General Manager Megan, was road tripping with her entire family to the perfect viewing site in Wyoming. Pretty cute.

And then it happened. Not where we are, but on the television. And, I admit it was very exciting, special even. The drop in temperature, the animal reactions, the darkness.  My beekeeper friend in Oregon, said all the bees went back to the hive, the horses, back to the barn. I guess for two minutes, then they turned around and went back out!

I collected some powerful photos. Have a look see.


Michael Shainblum took this amazing snap, staged but unedited. Magnificent!

The two below are from NASA. I love when I feel small in the world.

Of course, there was an eclipse wedding, beautifully captured by Valerie & Co.

 Megan’s review: TOTALITY WORTH IT!!

Keep looking up Megan!

Raspberry Salmon Recipe

Many moons ago, when my big brother was my head chef, he created a recipe. Not because he was infinitely clever, but because he was under the guidance of his superior little sister chef, who really crafted this sweet salmon masterpiece. I’ll spare you the whole process, but when you read the recipe you’ll think it’s a rather weird combination of things, not unlike my brother. (That’s him in the goofy t-shirt getting his hair pulled.)

I know it seems weird putting jam on salmon. Just go with it, it works out. It’s a great dish for a crowd and it looks great on the plate and…
it’s raspberry season people!

In the summer, nothing makes a better side dish for salmon than corn pudding…This recipe is also in my cookbook, and to make it easy, I updated the Amazing Corn Sensation recipe so it’s easy to find (first published in 2009!)

Happy eating everyone!