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Rajeewa’s getting Married.

See that smiley guy at the end in between Hannah and Lucy? That’s Rajeewa.

kid party

Rajeewa has been in the family since the eighties along with his mother, the incomparable Sheila Marion Indra Perera and his brother Danica ( Where is he in this pic BTW?)

All the Cooks will be at his wedding this weekend celebrating his eternal union with this powerhouse of a woman with all of his friends and family.  Wow!1454922_10153542377695615_526109897_n

 I could not be more excited.

And a book signing in San Francisco tooLife is good.

Let the love continue.

img029Buy the book at Indie Bound, read reviews on Amazon.

First Wedding of the Year

We had the pleasure of creating our first wedding of the year at the Beverly Hills Women’s Club on Saturday and it was wonderful!brooke dave It was our first time at the club, and they like it all just so. I was a little nervous about this new venue. Not to worry. My staff was cool, calm, collected and full of hustle.staff

The room flip went off without a hitch.ceremony

The transformation from ceremony to food service was impressive.
flip 2

The room was filled with love from start to finish. Look at these one of a kind hand painted escort cards – love them.


I adore these repurposed paper garlands. garlandLet the weddings begin!

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One Thousand Brides

Happy  New Year!IMG_28672013 was full of beautiful brides and handsome grooms with warm and wonderful wedding celebrations.

This amazing and talented woman gets Favorite Bride of the Year award!

emilyHer vegan celebration at the Smog was close to perfection.

Sadly, I missed this vegan wedding  of wonder in Claremont. But it’s well documented here.cameronHappily, I was with the family in Maui Waui. Thanks Chef Ma. hawaii

These two will be getting an exclusive post dedicated to their FAN FLIPPIN’ TASTIC PARTY!! They’re both vaguely vegan and had an elaborate vegetarian menu, limiting meat to one simple chicken entree, and the entertainment was EPIC!

sunny and joe

These two are my very good friends who have been together forever and just got married in NYC over the holiday. taavi

 Do you sense a theme or two? Step into the light my lovelies. Eat well today and celebrate love. You are beautiful.  Strut your stuff. And buy the book. 

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dana cer

Saving the Best for Last ~ A Christmas Bride

Dana and Andrew tied the knot! And everyone was aglow – I’m sure it was because of all the love and joy in the room. The rooftoop wedding was stunning and the rain waited till after the ceremony to  lend it’s winter chill. 

The location, Loft Seven was a great site –  and delightfully intimate for this party of 130 friends and family.

These are 2 of the 5 sisters. My favorite daughter of another mother, Tash was ebullient all night long. 

I loved this clever winter wonderland display for table assignments. 

Remember my dear brides, simple and elegant equals a beautiful and memorable wedding.

A Beautiful Friday Bride at Smog Shoppe Part One

This lovely bride took DIY to a new level. I have to break it up in two posts because there’s so much to share!  She had everything taken care of with lots of re-use and dare I say, upcycling. 

The centerpieces were clusters of old glass vases and vessels with roses, costas and baby’s breath.  She made little buttons too. These fans were the programs for the evening.

I love this little flag bearer with the “here comes the bride” banner.

She had framed signage everywhere and she made her beautiful bouquet.

Margaux and Chad! (Sissy says I always need a picture of the bride)

So Beautiful! She made that! But did she throw it?

I’ll end this first post on the candy bar.  Notice the signage and packaging and  the shelves. It looked amazing against her mom’s collection of lace and ticking.

Don’t those Whoppers look good?

Stay tuned for part two.


Public Declaration of Love on Father’s Day

That’s my hubs on the surfboard below, and this post is his gift today.

Isn’t he cute?  he’s 56 and  as handsome as he ever has been.

We’ve been married since 1979.

I don’t mean to sound like a know it all, but I pretty much know everything about him.

And so do his kids.

Hayden James wrote his college essay about my Johnny,  about the person in his life he most admired. This is what he said about his Pa:

“One aspect of my father’s personality that I try to mimic is his treatment of others. He treats everyone the same way, whether he’s talking to the nine-year-old kid he coaches in lacrosse or his boss at work.  There’s no condescending tone and he talks to you as an equal, no matter who you are.”

Nice, huh?  He really is a genuine good guy dad with a heart full of love. Allison likes to say that we won the family lottery.  We like to hang out together, go figure!

On his birthday this past year he got the “I love you dad” letter from sweet LBC. (It was a little about me too,  but that’s not the point today) I made him forward it to me and I read it over and over.

It made me feel so good  - I read it aloud  to him a couple of times too.

Here’s my favorite part:

“But I’m not scared of love, and I have the two of you to thank for that. I know that it’s hard, and it takes a mountain of patience, a forrest of compromise, and a few oceans of good communication, but you’ve taught me that it’s possible. And while it’s not always rainbows and butterflies, if you put in the time and the effort and if you really do love someone and they’re ready to love you back, amazing things can happen. That is by far the most important thing that you have ever taught me, and the beauty of it is that you didn’t teach it to me, you showed it to me through your love for each other and your love for all of us, and for that I am forever grateful. “

Blessings on the best dad  of all time,  I love you forever John Cook.


Hello Arroyo, I love You

Beautiful wedding, beautiful bride.

Emily and Blair

Emily and Blair

The guests were cozy in the Casita with a roaring fire to welcome them to this special day.

cozy guests

cozy guests

Outside the weather was giving us a thrilling evening -  we weren’t sure if it would rain -  and we didn’t care either way -  we were safe and warm, held by all the love in the room.

The bridge from the entrance of the Casita

The bridge from the entrance of the Casita

Right after the ceremony, we served chubby crab cakes to appreciative guests. Followed by a grand buffet with an emphasis on vegetarian selections.

People raved -  and joy abounded. Weddings are wonderful.

Chubby crabcakes

Chubby crabcakes

Chez Panisse for the Big Five Oh

Last week, before my 50th,  I was sure my lacrosse loving husband had nothing planned for my birthday except a tournament game or two on the fields of the LA LaCrosse league.  Well, sweet thing  of mine, flew up to San Francisco and had scads of great activity planned!

Lindsay, Hayden, Mrs Cook and Allison

Lindsay, Hayden, Mrs Cook and Allison

We ( me and the kids)  were having a quick lunch before heading back  from our  Spring Break road trip, and the man showed up with hotel reservations and   a dinner date at Chez for  the whole gang!  Dinner was fantastic but the company… second to none!  I guess I’ll keep him for another 30 years.


LBC, ASC, HJC  and Papa John

LBC, ASC, HJC and Papa John