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Big Pharma is Screwing with the Salmon

When will it end?  We need to protect our seafood (and maybe eat a little less, right?)  Genetically engineered salmon will soon be your if we don’t take action.

Please sign the petition and post on  your social accounts.   I wonder if our first lady knows about this?

Here’s the link to  the petition here to stop GE (genetically engineered) salmon. If you don’t who will?  Doesn’t it scare you just a little?  Keep it WILD people!

Love the ocean

love the ocean

Calling all Chefs to the Garden!

Here is a great opportunity if: you love kids, you love gardens, you love  spreading the word and the gospel of good eats! I’m coordinating the schedule for Garden School this year and looking for chefs!  Sessions are 4 days a week (but you only need to teach one day a week)  in the morning.  Two one hour sessions culminate into a  second breakfast for the kids using the foraged food from the garden.

Give me a call on the hotline 310.850 1884 – or  the shoppe 323 982 0052  or drop me an e-mail and I ‘ll fill you in.  and oh yeah, there’s money involved!

Help us Storm the Board Room!! District Map

Here is a list of the School board members in the LAUSD. WOW this is a HUGE district!  We’re looking to connect with each board member, in person.  And we need   the concerned parents to lead the way.    If you are a parent  and want to speak up about school lunches – the time has come!  Here’s a link to the board district map to  verify your  district and your representative.

The next board meeting at 1 pm on August 31st, 2010.

Let me know if you can help out! We want to  tell every board member the importance of eating well. Your voice is important.  Speak up!

District 1.

Marguerite Poindexter LaMotte

Board District 1 ­ marguerite.lamotte@lausd.net­ 213-241-6382
Fax: 213-241-8441

District 2.

Mónica García Board President,
Board District 2 monica.garcia@lausd.net 213-241-6180
Fax: 213-241-845

District 3.

Tamar Galatzan Board Member
Board District 3 tamar.galatzan@lausd.net 213-241-6386
Fax: 213-241-8979

District 4.

Steve Zimmer Board Member
Board District 4 steve.zimmer@lausd.net 213-241-6387
Fax: 213-241-8453

District 5.

Yolie Flores Board Member
Board District 5 yolie.flores@lausd.net 213-241-6383
Fax: 213-241-8467

District 6.

Nury Martinez Board Member
Board District 6 nury.martinez@lausd.net 213-241-6388
Fax: 213-241-8451

District 7.

Dr. Richard Vladovic Board District 7 richard.vladovic@lausd.net 213-241-6385
Fax: 213-241-8452


WOW. This is how it all started: check out item number 5. (also pasted it at the bottom of this entry) You will find upon careful reading, listed with the janitorial supplies, cabling and stationary,  the LAUSD food budget  is listed as cafeteria supplies, food processing and miscellaneous food products. (sounds delicious doesn’t it?)  And deeper still in this less than transparent budget  are the contracts for the protein and potato providers; Don Lee Farms for beef in California, Jennie-O turkey in  Minnesota, McCain Potatoes in Illinois and Tyson Foods for chicken in Arkansas. These 4 contracts total $$$ 284,450,000. dollars a year for our kids’ breakfast and lunch.

Now, take away Tyson -  which the board voted to do after  our intelligent and  emotional pleas  and concern over labor practices.This is stated in the board minutes:  “Amended to withdraw Procurement Services Division Contract No. 1100124 Tyson Foods, Inc.”

…and it looks  like  NOW there’s some wiggle room in the budget!

How about supporting the California economy with some of those dollars? How about some healthy whole foods in school lunches – don’t you see Mr LAUSD it’s not working! Processed food from other states is a waste of  time, energy and  most of all is hurtful to the health of our kids.

Now is a great time to  bust a move! So that’s what we’re gonna do. Please join us… more to come.

This is how the food budget is partially listed:
5.Board of Education Report No. 002 – 10/11

Procurement Services Division
(Procurement Actions) Recommends approval of all procurement actions above the State Competitive bid limit ($78,500) in accordance with applicable Education Code. There are six professional service agreements below the state bid limit totaling $846,925 for evaluation services, teaching services, tutoring services, academic support services, academic and college preparatory workshops, and technical and professional services. There is also one purchasing agreement for engines for power equipment and replacement parts for $211,454. There are eight professional
service agreements exceeding $250,000 for academic support services, occupational medical evaluations, contract for claims, outreach school services program, and after-school academic support totaling approximately $59.4 million. There are 76 purchasing agreements exceeding $250,000 for kitchen ware and utensils, miscellaneous food products, cafeteria supplies, public address and intercommunication systems, replacement and repair of networking equipment and cabling, stationary desktop supplies, student bus stamps, janitorial paper supplies, postage metering
equipment lease, food processing, and Public Broadcasting Service membership totaling approximately $481 million. This report also includes ratification items for 2,372 Book Purchase  Orders totaling $18,537,981.

Dirt the Movie – at the Shoppe Earthday Eve

Mama Botanica is at it again, and we’re spreading the word.

screening  of "Fresh "

Screening of "Fresh"

This coming Wednesday  4.21.10 starting at 6 pm  the Earth Day festivities begin!  We’ll be screening “DIRT – The Movie” It’s the latest film about how we can save our dear mother earth.  We actually catered the  the screening a few weeks at the Pacific Design Center – a zero waste event of course.

Simple Centerpieces

Simple Centerpieces

So come on around – bring a potluck dish to share. Park on the street and walk down the driveway next to Cal Asia.  I’ll be making a few vegan offerings and some delicious Magic Mambo Punch.  A 5$ donation is suggested to cover eatwares and beverages.  The movie will start around 7 pm.

our address 3048 Fletcher Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90065 – my phone – 323.982.0052 an RSVP would be greatly appreciated.

I need you again CHEF.

The Mystery Lunch Box Challenge is ON!  Scheduled at Jefferson High on April 27th, May 4th, 11 and 13th as an after school offering, this crash course in teenage cooking survival skills is  a BLAST!

Chef MB and the  Junior Chefs

Chef MB and the Junior Chefs

I’m looking for a couple more  chefs to guide these amazing youth toward delicious whole foods with the use of a fry pan, herbs and your  wonderful knowledge. (oh and some olive oil of course)

diggin in to those delicious plant based delicacies!

diggin in to those delicious plant based delicacies!

Please contact me if you can be of service (there is pay involved). Chefs must commit to all 4 sessions.  ( the first being the introduction to the class and the last being the cook off.)

Still need a little inspiration to be of service? Check out this video.

Remembering the Eat-in

I’m checking things off my list  and one of them was a blog post about the Eat-In last September for Slowfood.

ready set...

ready set...

Lisa did a great review here. I added a few pictures and now… off my list !

gathering signatures and letter writing station

gathering signatures and letter writing station

good times, good eats

good times, good eats

Food and Water Watch Kick-off Meeting Sustainable Seas

fairfish I’m spreading the word for my buddy Miller…

Family fishermen continue to be forced out of business because of increasingly private control of our fisheries under a ‘catch share’ management scheme. This threatens our ocean ecosystems and limits our access to sustainable, high quality seafood.

Just this week, the Gloucester Times published this piece calling the catch shares programs “a falsified regulatory scheme that merely represents our own government’s latest attempt to shove [fishermen] right out of business,” but this is more than just a problem for fishermen.  Catchshares destroy our oceans ecosystems and the quality of our food by favoring unsustainable corporate fishing operations.

This fall we can change the way we manage our fisheries and ensure fair access for family fishermen, protect our oceans, and ensure consumer access to sustainably-caught , high quality fish.  But, to do that, we need to make our voices heard this fall.  Come learn how you can help.  Sign the petition here.

Will you come to our Kick-Off Meeting?
Wednesday, September 30th
First United Methodist Church
Corner of 11th and Washington St.(Two blocks N. of Wilshire Bl.), Santa Monica
Room 207

We’ll bring like-minded folks together and plan exciting events from a National Fair Fish Day of Action, film screenings, letter to the editor parties, media events, and more. This is THE event to attend to meet others who care about this issue and to find out how you can make a difference.  Please RSVP.

Mark your calendars, and spread the word!

Thanks for your support,

Miller Nuttle
Field Organizer
Food and Water Watch
Fair Fish Campaign

To learn more about the campaign and about how you can help, please contact Miller by calling 607-592-9500 or emailing miller ( @) greencorps (.) org