Spread Love & Butter Knives – My New Obsession

One of my logos is a little butter knife I got in Martha’s Vineyard years ago. Pounded into the blade is my battle cry – SPREAD LOVE.

I love that thing, and use it on the regular. I recently decided to switch my daily cutlery pattern into a collection of mis-matched vintage cutlery, to go with my mismatched vintage plates.  I’ve been  a frequent shopper on E-bay and have had great luck creating my service for over two hundred guests!  Re-use makes me so happy!

The thing is, I only really need knives and forks, and when I would order a set, I would get all the hostess pieces, too. I am happy to have over five dozen butter knives, twenty or so pie servers, a handful of well-worn service spoons and a smattering of salad forks. These off-items are just waiting for me to pound a little something into them!

I started with a gift to my sister Sally Lou. She’s an excellent baker. I started her collection with a little pie server. You can see all the flaws first thing, but she really, really loved it, I could tell.

That’s it there, perched on her caramelized lemon bars.

I couldn’t decide which font I liked best, so I have a whole case of selections. I rather like the quirkier fonts, the little mistakes blend in better.

I sure do love a good hobby. What’s  yours?

Thanksgiving Sides and Such for Pick-up

Our Thanksgiving Holiday Menu (scroll down) is ready, and we are getting ready for you!

 Save this date! November 19th, 2017 is the Annual Make it & Take it!

Come and make your own pie, or order one from us!  We’re good at the pie making!

Reservations for Make it & Take it open November 1st, and we sold out in 3 days last year, so put it on your calendar!

And please, let us help you, check out the menu below It’s everything you ever wanted on your Thanksgiving table!

(Oh, it can all be vegan, BTW.)

Pick up before 11 am, The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, November 23rd.

Food goes out cold, with re-heating instructions.

Place orders by Monday, November 20th – 10am or earlier so we can be better prepare all our orders!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Call 323.982.0052 and we also respond to  e-mail.