Nibbles & Sips 2.23.17

We’re back and ready to bring in the New Year with Some Nibbles & Sips to get  it rocking!

Won’t you join us?

6:30 PM to 9 PM at the shoppe on 2.23.17

We’ll start with our classic welcome cocktail, the Chilmark.

It’s a time tested favorite (and the recipe is in my cookbook!).

We’ll have a mad and abundant selections of our appetizers, vegan friendly of course, and while we say it’s not for dinner, you could make it so.

I think I’m going with the most popular cocktails of 2016.  Kind of a boozy retrospective, good, right?

RSVP  here. 

So come along, see how we do, and  have some nibbles and sips!

Chances are you’ll leave with a little bit of leftovers and a big ole smile!

Breakfast is the Most Important

I wanted to make sure you knew we were over here cooking in the dark to make you a delicious breakfast. Did someone say “omelettes?”