A Rainy Wedding at 1909

The tent was a last minute addition. Sometimes, it must be done.

Clear was an excellent choice. The outside really does come in.

Farm tables, a beautiful tablescape and a family style supper moments away.

The bride tied the macrame back drop for the ceremony.


Appetizers on the lawn before the rain came. This place was built for celebration.

Tray passed deliciousness with style!

Cheers to the newly wed!

Wine on the tables, let’s get boozy!

I love all the busy hands with the family style service.

The couple actually eating with their guests, a rarity!

The tent brought it all into a cozy nest of celebration.  Congratulations you two, We were thrilled to be a part of it.

There’s some more information on this YELP review from the bride. (Five stars, of course)

Wedding at Wattles Mansion

I hereby pick the most favorite color of 2015 weddings; blue!  All shades. Lucky for us because we love blue, too!  This bride had one requirement for her bridesmaids at her wedding at Wattles Mansion. “Blue, any shade.” Tingles!

It was a beautiful location for a ceremony. Megan did an amazing job coordinating, getting everyone down the aisle and up the steps to the ceremony, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

The Happy Hors D’oeuvre Hour was behind the Mansion in the same courtyard. Krabby kakes with red pepper aioli and potato & turkey Picadillo empanadas. I found some Victorian steel cake stands for the breads, spreads and fruits and cheeses and painted them white and blue.

Dinner was in the front yard. The menu was a great omnivorous feast, a classic Jennie Cook’s two entree buffet. We served grilled summer vegetables, raspberry salmon and brisket al Italia. We did lots of salads to compliment the summer night, sliced Heirloom tomatoes with our house made Fettata, roasted red potato salad, and a classic mixed green salad with purple carrots, fennel and cucumbers.

 The tables were named after vegetables, and the escort cards were seed packets. I spy the carrot table! I Love the candle party favors.

The pale blue satin napkins add a lovely touch of color to the table, and the wild flower centerpieces pull it all together beautifully.

Everyone went back inside for cake and merriment (dancing) after dinner. A wonderful night was had by all.