Delicious Passover Catering Menu A la Carte

Our holidays are steeped in tradition. We like everything to be as it is, as it was, as it ever shall be. But what if a delicious new roasted chicken appeared in your life? Could you try something new? What about some Passover Catering to lighten your load?  What if this chicken tzimmes had all the goodness in one pan? Dried apricots and plums, braised with carrots, sweet potatoes and chicken on the bone.


I’m trying something new, a new brisket recipe! The most popular on Epicurious for Pesach. Caramelized onions top the roast for the usual three and a half hours of braising. I’m adding some red wine and herbs to fortify the flavor. It’s a two day process so, get your order in early to ensure delivery.

The usual menu is also available if you want to mix it up even more! Give us a call, and we can chat about your Passover Catering – Make it easy on yourself!

St. Paddy’s Day Pick up

Keep the libations flowing this St. Paddy’s Day and leave the cookin’ to Jennie Cook’s!

Classic Stepherd’s Pie

A choice of vegetarian, vegan or turkey pie married with mixed vegetables & topped with creamy mashers.

A traditional Irish comfort food baked in a disposable tin for safe travels.

Shepherd’s Pie for Two
for you and yours

Shepherd’s Pie for a Crowd
good for 10 to 15 people
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Pommery Corned Beef

Slow cooked corned beef served with roasted cabbage and potatoes

A twist on an old world favorite.

$15 per person

{ two person minimum }

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{ 72 hours notice essential }

Orders will be available for pick up March 16th and 17th

Erin go bragh!

Short Ribs in Guiness
Melt-in-your-mouth short ribs braised in Guiness served with tender carrots and potatoes

Can you savor that flavor???

$19 per person

{ two person minimum }
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