Los Angeles resident Jennie Cook considers herself a lifelong student of the art of hospitality, and has dedicated any free time these days to helping America change the way we eat. Her 11 years as the owner of her recently deceased restaurant, Cooks Double Dutch, changed her in unimaginable ways, and increased her life experience tenfold – no kidding.

Jennie has three children – two 20-something daughters and a high schooling son. She has been married to the same man for 30 years and considers it one of her greatest accomplishments. She loves to talk about marriage and her kids – be forewarned. Actually, she loves to talk about anything. Mostly, she loves to talk about food.

Jennie is a self-taught chef and mother, often using eccentric and unconventional methods in child rearing, education and sautéeing. She doesn’t much like baking, but likes people who do. She loves biking and always has. She’s a member of many food organizations, including but not limited to Slow Food, the Chef’s Collaborative and the International Catering Association. She has an intimate relationship with each group and is often consulted as an expert by those who run them.

Jennie is for sale. Prices are negotiable. She is available for the following: creative catering of course, mentoring, dinner parties, retail and restaurant marketing campaigns, customer service training and advice for the independent business owner or start up. Talk is cheap – free, really, and she does enjoy it – just ask.

Contact Jennie at 323.982.0052 or through her website at www.jenniecooks.com

Jennie’s  a trained and dedicated permaculturist through Earthflow Design.

Sustainability Statement

Ultimate Goal = Zero Waste

We do our best every day to create a wonderful product in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. We promote a culture that encourages slowing down a bit and savoring everything – especially meals. We think about where our food comes from, and how we can make the best choices, especially regarding resource usage. We strive toward reducing our unsustainable practices to the absolute minimum.  We see ourselves as stewards of the earth, and try to walk as softly as possible. We will continue to identify  the problems and find sustainable solutions, as we do our part toward creating a healthy global citizenship. As we grow, so does our practice of sustainable  management. We will continue to collaborate, implement and celebrate new experiences and insight. There’s always more to do and learn in creating a sustainable future. We learn something new everyday. And we recycle like crazy – because as the man says, “There is a market for everything.”

6 thoughts on “About

  1. rebecca

    Hi, I need some affordable finger foods for a reception after a concert at the beginning of May. The problem is they need to be Kosher. I enjoyed your dinners when you had your shop in Culver City and I am wondering if you do Kosher catering or if you have advice about affordable and tasty caterers in LA who can do kosher? Bonus if they are also sustainable and local. All of the kosher catered food I have had in the past was pretty bland. Thanks!

  2. iammrscook

    Hi rebecca,
    I an not a kosher caterer. We do the whole vegan thing, but my dishes, i dunno. We might be able to put our heads together for viable alternatives, but finger foods scream for cheese and well that’s a Kosher issue. I don’t really know of any great kosher caterers, but I am sure they exist. This is LA – we have everything!

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