The Bannon’s Blissful Vegan Wedding at the Natural History Museum

A vegan wedding at the Natural History Museum?
That’s certainly a beautiful venue and no problem for the team at Jennie Cook’s.  Jennie has a long history of cooking delicious vegan/vegetarian  offerings and has an extensive menu  (partially listed at
As the ceremony was finished… the guests were treated to passed appetizers of risotto fritters, beanie pops, and  empanadas.
The reception was held in the rotunda, a stunning room with a giant statue of the three Muses as its centerpiece. Guests arrived in the rotunda to a plated salad followed by tomato soup.  Bread and seasoned Olive oil with arugula flowers were waiting for them on the tables. The third course  was a buffet that offered Celebration Loaf (a vegan take on Beef Wellington), sliders, grilled vegetables, and cashew cream potatoes gratin and our signature green beans with chile pecans and a sesame drizzle.
There were quite a few remarks of “hmm wow, that’s vegan?”  After the food was eaten and coffee/cake service was finished, the guests retired to the Fin Whale room (a huge space with the 75 foot skeleton of a Fin Whale hanging above).
Once there, the music was cranked up and they danced the night away.  We wish the Bannon’s a lifetime of happiness.

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