Family Dinner in the Sea

I’ve been fascinated by this video. Between the sound of the whales and the bubble feeding, It feels like ocean magic. It calms my soul every time I watch it.

When’s the last time you got together with friends and had a little supper? It’s Friday! Make it tonight!  Get out there and enjoy the weekend with ones you  love.

Apple Travesties

Arctic apples have been approved. They are “enhanced through biotechnology“, so they don’t turn brown.This saddens me in a big bleeding heart kind of way. Meanwhile, striking longshoreman and trade embargoes caused massive apple waste up the coast. Yup. All those apples are lying in a field rotting. Covered by snow, no doubt. And it’s happening here too, in San Pedro.

(These pictures are from 11.10.14, and I swiped them off Facebook from a food friend in Alaska.)

Does this seem a little crazy to you, too?