Photo Blast from Make it &Take it 2015

Two days ago we made the most pies ever at Make it & Take it 2015 – over one hundred and twenty guests!  My Special Agent did an amazing job on the snaps. Thank you for coming pie makers,  I love this holiday kick off party. Sharing my kitchen and crafts with you is the highlight of my year. Now, who’s loving their fire cider???

Chef Philip wouldn’t miss this event.

The Sequoyah School hook up, they’ve all been coming since 2008!

Mothers. sisters, bakers, friends.


This is Chef Phillip’s niece, also a regular since 2008. She makes her mom get in touch right before Halloween, to make sure their space is reserved.

It’s the little things!


Yes we PECAN!  Most adorable mother daughter combo.

Happy shirt guy, with “You are Beautiful” written across his chest.


Is that her first pie?

Boy bakers making delicious, and art too.

They’re going on a pie hunt.

Family.  And a pecan streusel pumpkin pie.

Till next year, my pie making, party loving friends.

Unique Wedding

When I get to a wedding, and the bride is doing a pre-ceremony cleansing ritual with her besties, I know it’s going to be a magical night. Posi-vibes for everyone make for a most successful celebration.

The space was just big enough for 120 people, we flipped the room and had tables pre-set and stacked in the anti room. We love working with event planner Renee, from Moxie Events, who covered all the logistical details with great aplomb.

We started with the ever popular winter squash soup shots, with a rice crisp. The bride leads a gluten free lifestyle and could eat freely all night!

This was our first wedding of 2015. Megan made sure our silverware and shabby chic mixed vintage plates were looking good and on point.

The night was quite cool by Los Angelenos standards, a brisk fifty degrees and a drizzly rain. Our “hello honey” punch warmed any chilly bones and caused excessive smiling. And oh those classic Jennie Cooks lamb chops, it’s all the groom wanted. We made sure he got as many as he wanted plus more.

This was my favorite dish of the night. Radicchio and kale with clementines and pom pips with a balsamic drizzle; so bitter sweet and luscious.

Can you believe it was the third wedding of the season to use plastic animals as escort cards?  I love the gold dinosaur, the boar and the german shepherd. So fun.

It was a tight fit, but that made for a cozier event. I was so proud of my staff serving a seven course family style meal in less than twenty minutes; up and down the stairs!

Look at this adorableness. We wish you a lifetime of love and celebration you two!