Backyard Wedding & the Elegant Bean

Yesterday, at Hair by Janelle, Hello Gorgeous –  I re-united with a groom from last year, recommended by Janelle, obvs. He busted out the best pictures of FOOD from his wedding! I made him airdrop them to me during my blowout!

Greens and grilled peaches to start. The amazing photos are brought to you by Rebecca, at Birds of a Feather Photography.  All I have to say is WOW!!

Um yeah, those are short ribs. He talked about them romantically  still, throughout the style session. His Italian father was nervous about my ribs. For no good reason. My short ribs, are now legendary.

Look at all the sauces on the side, and her china choice? Impeccable.

Now seriously, have my beloved white beans ever looked so delicious? Crave. And another shout out to the china.

It was a perfect celebration. If I do say so myself. Practice makes perfect. We love to practice making weddings wonderful.

Menu for 7.28.16 Nibbles and Sips

Are you ready for a peach Mojito? (Who isn’t?) We so hope you’re coming to Nibbles & Sips!  More details here.

 Check out this amazing holiday menu for our party on the 28th of July.

Say YES to the YUM!!


Brussel Sprouts Wrapped in Bacon

Standing Romaine  Spears

Stuffed Mushrooms

Pickled Cranberry Flatbread

Wasabi Deviled Eggs

Cruelty  Free Chicken Nuggets

Deviled Potato Bites

Butternut Chedda Quesadillas

Polenta Caprice


Say… SI MamaCita!!

I have six punches planned including a Rose welcome cocktail, a milk punch,  and the Dunmore Cobbler. They will be fantastic with our holiday flatbread.

Naturally, the plant based offerings are going to be AMAZING!!  I’m thrilled to offer Zaccary Bird’s CFC chickenless for the first time from our kitchen!

(I’ll be doing nuggets)

Oh, and the mushrooms – both vegan and cheesey. You don’t have to decide now, I will have a gracious plenty of both.

And yes, it will be christmas in July.  I’m busting out my decor and I’m going to set a beautiful Holiday table AND serve summer tomatoes!

Make sure to RSVP so we have enough party favors!