Wow December

 We’ve been SO BUSY! But first, take a look at my little free library! My Johnny built me this little free library, and it’s now up and sharing. Feel free to drop by and take a book or leave a book. I’d like to build little cob stools to encourage lingering. Someday.

  We’ve been wrapping many things in bacon at the Shoppe. These are bacon wrapped brussel sprouts with a pickled cranberry glaze. OMG.

We’ve been blessed with many holiday parties this season and they’re still rocking right through this weekend! I even did some arrangements for our friends at Inner City Arts.  Note the pine cone branch brilliance.

We did two events at Cielo Vineyards in Malibu. It was a very cold service experience, during our rainy weekend. These two cuties are still smiling! And they’re vegans serving bacon! Love it!

My Johnny and I sing  with the Silverlake Singers and we found some time to sing in the streets last weekend. They even had a piano for our Maestro at the Polka Dot Park. (Winter Recital this Sunday!)

I also practiced taking a selfie through a toilet paper tube.

I went skating with my daughter and nephew in Pershing Square. Jackets not needed!

And the month is still going! And I’m not ready for Christmas! Quality problems I say. It just keeps getting better. Happy holidays everyone. cheers to a wonderful season of celebration and a happy new year.

12 Days of Local Food Giveways!

Well, THIS is fun! We’re feeling the giving and appreciation vibe over here big time.  We’ll be launching our first ever giveaway tomorrow, December 1st through the 12th.  (just like Ellen). Our giveaways will feature delicious local food and California’s finest provisions. Monday (tomorrow) starts with “Pickle Me Pretty” collection of pickled organic winter vegetables, apple scrap vinegar and a cookbook!  Every prize winner gets a cookbook!

On Tuesday, we have a super great amazing prize –  Auntie Em’s produce box from her CSA delivery. I want to WIN!! Oh and the cookbook.

Wednesday is wonderful with Tutti Frutti marinara.  My Allison critiqued this sauce perfectly; “It’s the way I always want my red sauce to taste.” Yes, yes it is.

On Thursday we have the best ever tuna in a tin. I used to can my own, and it was delicious, but local tuna is hard to come by these days (I won’t depress you with the details right now). My friends in San Luis Obispo do a delicious job, and you’ll want more, more MORE!!

So head on over to my Facebook page and enter on Monday, or any other day!  Tis the season of giving! Stay tuned, I’ll post the next four offerings on Wednesday.

Day 4 entries here…