Vegan Brown Rice Fritters

I’ve been eating these a lot lately.

It’s going to be one of those recipes I talk through, because I haven’t been able to fine tune amounts. I only have a recipe  for a crowd, but they are super simple and easy peasy lemon squeezy.

That bowl above is the complete recipe, ready to patty up.

This is how it happens.

Put about 2 cups cooked rice in a mixing bowl  with a  well cooked mirepoix of vegetables  typically one carrot,  one small onion, rib of celery seasoned with fresh herb, I like bay, thyme and fresh parsley.  Make sure the carrots are soft.

Season it up with  1 teaspoon of salt and 1/2 a teaspoon of pepper, granulated onion and garlic, a pinch of dried thyme and mix it all together till evenly distributed.

 Sprinkle on  1/4 cup of flour or ground oats and mix with your hand. Gradually add more until the batter sticks together when you give it a squeeze.

I like to add grated cheeze or sautéed mushrooms and green onion or chive, too.

Press the batter firmly together into  fritters of desired size and fry them up in a pan with olive oil or Earth Balance.

We like to serve them with this creamy mushroom gravy.

It’s a sturdy little nugget of goodness.

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Make IT & Take IT in the RAIN!! 2016

Well, now we know. Make it & Take it goes on rain or shine. It all started well, then at about 1 PM, boom tra la la, rain. And it just kept coming.

Silver lining; who doesn’t like a smell good kitchen full of happy bakers on a rainy day?

Everyone wants to be in the kitchen. Is it ever large enough? Never!

Fudge and pumpkin pie were the favorites this year, and not surprisingly the easiest of the seven options. Smart bakers, I say.

These two had a blast, including full on puddle jumping after the pies came out of the oven.

It didn’t bother the hippest and coolest bakers, they stayed and had fun, just like the rest of us.

Jango even stepped into the band for a bit and gave us a song! And you know what else? Couples were dancing cheek to cheek. Swoon.

These two! Elena was one of the original Double Dutch families! They’ve been coming to Make it & Take it for 8 years! I brought back the cranberry cake pie this year, oh yes yes, yum yum.

Big day for pumpkin pie; vegan and classic maple pumpkin. Some folks added a few pecans to the top. Tasty.

I didn’t meet Rick, but what a fine pie, sir!

Sexy pie. Oh my!

It’s crazy great watching these kids grow up. This one has been coming since 2008, too. She wanted to be a little bit of a sullen teenager when she arrived (after all it was raining), but she just couldn’t contain her excitement when Ryan boxed up her masterpiece!

Some dedicated apple pie makers peeled outside in the rain. We happen to love rain here in Southern California, right, Piper?

And a big “thank you, hubs” to this guy. He keeps the flow flowing. I had a little hissy fit when my party got rained out and my party favors got ruined and the band couldn’t set up and wah wah wah.

He talked me down and snapped me out of it. All was well.

I love you more than fudge pie hunny bunny, and I love Make it & Take it and all the amazing bakers who come and hang out with us and get the holiday season off to a delicious start.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, enjoy your families and friends.

Eat well.