Kids in the Kitchen

I’ve been teaching cooking class with some friends to an amazing group of high schoolers at the Senior Center in South Pasadena the past few Thursdays, and we sure are having some fun. My friend Ellen set it up through The Place of South Pasadena. 

These lovely ladies just made the delicious Ottolenghi Date Salad and were quick to move in to Chile Limon Fruit salad.  They were all so shy when they started, just a couple of weeks ago!

T. is not quite sure this apple and cabbage concoction is going to work, but oh yeah, she was the first to say yes to the yum.

Every week is a feast of healthy foods with sweet potato fritters for everyone on this particular day!

Would you like to help us? Or would you rather come to our party on October 9th? We’re going to throw a little bash for the seniors and the friends and families of the new chefs. Good eats for everyone and maybe some dancing!

Come along!

To the Beach, with Love

In August, as long as I can remember, we go to the beach.

Everybody goes, anybody goes. When we’re there, the door never closes. All are welcome.

We eat. We sit. We play. Everyday.

We go to the edge, where the ocean meets the shore. We take off our clothes. We soak in our vitality (otherwise known as vitamin D) and feel blessed to experience cloudy mornings and a constant stream of wild life reminding us that perhaps everything will be okay.

With my Johnny, my best friend and partner for thirty five years,  we go to the beach in August. At first with my family, and soon there after with ours. Not everybody can go and sit by the sea. The oceanfront elements are not their “thing”. But we sure can. We rejuvenate. We swell. We fall in love again and again.

So on this supermoon,  I celebrate our thirty five years together and thank you Johnny, for always going to the beach with me. It’s my favorite time of year. Except for Christmas. I like that too.