Food = Love

Sister and I hosted a wedding shower for the family’s first bride, Alexis. While we did a ton of cute stuff for the showering, my BEST idea was this little book.

 There was an Alice in Wonderland theme. Sissy made beeswax candles in antique tea cups for party favors. Homemade invitations went in the post, of course. (Any chance to send mail is a good day by me.) We made a super sweet and sugary spread with homemade pink cake, cookies, donuts, petite sammies, and so much more. The edible display was epic. You can see the tea cup candles on the left side. Precious.

But about that little book… I put out a call, an e-mail, a message on Facebook, to all the relatives who love to cook.  I asked for their best recipes for newlyweds, their go-to never fail dishes. There was an avalanche of deliciousness received! All the cousins and Aunties and friends sent me copies  in hand writing, e mails, recipe cards (so old school and sweet!)  and xeroxes.

I got a little sketchbook and went to work!


Grandma sent in all the family favorites!

All the recipes I received went in with tape and stickers and notes and glue.  I made envelope pages and I found some tabs to separate the recipes into categories.

The attendee were all instructed to bring a recipe for the book, and a present for the kitchen. When they arrived,  I had a little craft area  on the living room table, and they got busy!

All the different handwriting, the wide array of recipes and the love that went into this silly little project, were awesome!  I hear her mum ( my other sister, Sally)  asked for more recipes at her hometown shower to keep it alive!

We kissed the book, so she would never forget, and because we all have fun with lipstick.

The bride loved it!

It was a delightful afternoon. It was super fun hanging out with successful, humorous, passionate and driven women who are all in Alexis’s Tribe. They are amazing women!

 Cheers to you, newlyweds!

May you both keep your kitchen full of love and healthy goodness.

Soul Kitchen 11.10.16

Mark your calendars, and save the date.

It’s time for a musical night out with your neighbors! 

Thursday, November 10th, 2016

Jennie Cooks Presents

Soul Kitchen

to benefit the Silverlake Conservatory of Music

Lisa and Tamara will be bringing their vocal stylings, for an evening filled with live music and a delicious supper.

How will the night flow?

Starting at 7 P.M. 

Specialty Cocktails Appetizers and Music

Not quite a dinner show, more like dinner and a show. The vocalists will start the evening with their melodic stylings, while we sip specialty cocktails and enjoy an appetizer or two.

Plant Based Family Style Supper & Wine

After the first set, we’ll enjoy dinner al fresco. And then, bring our chairs into the kitchen for the second and final set.

And then…

Milk and Cookies

Who’s performing?

This is Tamara

Her vocal stylings will leave you wanting more! Heavily based in soul music, with a contemporary R&B counterpart and  a little  jazz,  this neo soul femme will leave you feeling full and a little sexy!

The vocalists will take the stage together, for the first and second set.

The evening will last two and a half or three hours –  perhaps anyway, it’s our first time!

RSVP here to save your space, it’s very limited.

This is Lisa

You know that feeling of surprise and delight, when your expectations are completely fulfilled? Come let Lisa ignite that fabulous sense of amazement with her command of the stage. Her  jazzy stylings, with a strong folk influence and a touch of the blues will lift you up for a blissful musical evening.

Tickets are $46.52 and guests are encouraged to round it up, to benefit the Silverlake Conservatory of Music.


Coming soon – PAYPAL! on our new events page!