Recipe Alert! Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta

This Al fresco pasta is a Jennie Cook’s classic.  The recipe takes about 5 minutes to put together, plus pasta cooking time. It has an unexpected tanginess, and the  earthy texture of the dried tomatoes adds to it’s delight.  Fantastic for potlucks and  simple supper, and a nice change from a classic pesto.


Get all your stuff together.

I use my little chopper for this, but it could also work in a blender or full size food processor.

If you’re using hydrated oil free tomatoes, it’ll result in more of a paste than the ones here, which were packed in olive oil. At the shoppe, we always use dry pack tomatoes.

Get the tomatoes, garlic, some oil and the thyme in the chosen machine, and give it a whirl!

Then you toss all the ingredients in a large bowl and mix!

Here’s the printable recipe.

  I had it for lunch and dinner. Then my Marla June knocked the bowl off the counter and ate the rest, in between the shards of glass.

Here’s the finished product before the dog ate it.

Lauren Gibbs’ Secret Sauce Revealed. We love it!

At a recent Women in Leadership Vital Voices Luncheon, our special guest was Lauren Gibbs, Silver Medal Winner for bobsledding in the Winter Olympics! She didn’t loose the Gold ( by 700th of a second), she won the Silver! Love her attitude!

We were lucky enough to sit with her during lunch. She had two salads while we wondered if we could get another homemade popover. Hmmmm.

She went to Westridge High School and played volleyball at Brown. She was all graduated and working in sales when she heard from a friend they were looking for bobsledders. She tried out. In 2014, she made her first team, and her journey began to medaling at the 2018 Olympics!

She describes bobsledding as being kicked off a mountain in a garbage can with the lid on.  Sound fun to you? The rig weights 365 pounds. Wow.

She laid a lot of facts on us. Did yo know that 84% of professional athletes live below the poverty level? So sad.

She caught a load of crap for posting the picture below. She connected with these women on a personal level. Lauren was attacked on social media for friending them.  She took none of it. She ended up deleting the post, but she also loved engaging in dialogue and keeping it civil.

Lauren Gibbs is a leader!

The question was asked, ” to what do you owe your success?”

She answered “my mom”.

Yup. Her mother, love and limits and all the support.

That’s her secret sauce.

Her Mama.

Happy Mother’s Day. May it be award winning.