Flowers in her hair

My most favorite trend this season? Flower crowns.

It’s been happening for a while now, and I love it every time I see it. There are many different ways to do it, and they all look spectacular, spectacular.

My friend Molly with a great fashion sense did it, so I know not only is it chic and fabulous, it is indeed trending.

It was even a part of the PETA party Luau, It really dresses a lady to completion.

This beautiful bride Lindsey wears it so very well, as does her flower girl.

My friend Ginger the farmer took it one step further, combining veil and crown. Is this not magnificent??

Lest we forget, the genius that is Mud at Muir Ranch, where I got my own heady bouquet, that I just couldn’t take off.

And it all started in a carousel, back in the cold Santa Monica winter with this living beauty.

What better way to keep nature involved on your special day and your hands free for all that hugging?  Oh and it’s not just for the ladies, gentlemen.  Flowers are for everyone.

(Lindsey’s photo and her flower girl by Jay at Chocolate Photography)

Fig House Wedding – My favorite this year

Some brides are super organized and book us a year in advance. That would be Hannah slash Marianne and her darling newlywed husband Jumel.  Her family calls her Hannah,  but her given name is Marianne. This kept the blondes  in the office confused for the better part of the year. (I’m not naming any names)

She had all her escort cards (succulents in little cement pots – adorbs) alphabetized, and even got these funny cocktail napkins. Love them.

There was lots of sparkly and glittery attire –  which always screams “PARTY” in my fashionista opinion.

It was at The Fig House, in Highland Park, home of Room Forty a fancy schancy catering company compared to our innovative homestyle affairs. It’s our new favorite venue, but also kind of a lark, as they use the site mostly for their own events.

I loved her dress and the peach tone bridesmaids dresses too. And doesn’t the groom look so happy here?  And GO BLUE!

And there was chocolate cake!  Could it get any better?

Why yes. Celeste snapped this quiet moment of Marianne after  the party was rolling.

I love her, I love my job.  I love L.A.  Every little thing we do is magic.