Thanks for dropping by! We have lots of information about catering throughout the site and we invite you to look around. We’re a professional yet casual kind of company and we call our food innovative home style, with an emphasis on plant based cuisine. We keep it clean, simple, delicious and abundant. We know our parties are great, because our customers keep coming back! We like to shop locally, and we excel at working with the seasons and making the most of our fabulous farmer’s markets.



Tel: 323.982.0052

The Shoppe (our Commissary)

3048 Fletcher Drive
Los Angeles, CA

Parking: Park on the street and walk down the driveway next to Cal Asia – look for their orange awning.

We promise to provide our food and services with great heart, passion and consciousness. Our personalized catering package for your special event will keep your budget in mind, satisfy everyone’s’ palate and deliver the realized event as planned. We strive to create a joyful work environment that supports the health and happiness of our clients, our community and our staff. We are dedicated to protecting and restoring our environment. We procure consciously and sustainably. We are life long learners in the art of hospitality and truly thrive when being of service.


Payment is requested in the form of a check or if you prefer, cash. We request a hearty deposit when you book. One month before the event, an additional 50% is due. The balance is payable on the day of the event. Any overtime will be billed after the event unless other arrangements have been made. Credit card fees make us cranky and impact our bottom line in a bad way. Thanks for understanding, and for finding your checkbook.


Thirsty? Let’s talk about the most sustainable ways to quench your thirst. Lemonades, elixirs, teas and potions are at our fingertips!

A La Carte

Most of our items can be purchased a la carte without a minimum, during regular business hours. Call for prices and availability.

Special Diets

We recommend appealing to the majority of the guests and not tailoring the menu to a restricted few. We will gladly make a special plate for anyone with limitations.

We make all kinds of food at Jennie Cooks and want everyone to eat well. Call for suggestions.

Jennie Cook

Making great parties is part of Jennie’s genetic makeup. You can read all about it in her cookbook, "Who Wants Seconds?"

After decades in the hospitality business, she can still say with an open heart and a smile on her face, that she really, really loves it.

The Staff

Megan Leigh


Megan is our chief financial officer, general manager and event coordinator. She handles all the staffing, client relations and daily operations – and she does it with great heart and a good sense of humor. Megan has fallen in love with event planning and would love to talk to you about your upcoming event. Give her a call!

Jose Luis Llamas – Pepe


Pepe comes from a long line of restaurateurs and is most at home when making food for others. He’s the head chef and has been with the company since the eighties! He’s an early riser and he loves good tequila. His specialty is his seafood soup and he makes it for us every now and then for Friday lunch.

Sheila King


Sheila is one of our most talented hospitality professionals. She’s an excellent captain and always sets a beautiful table. In her spare time she’s a mixed media artist.

Oh Gio


Gio has been working with the company since he was 17! He’s a great captain, the guests love him and he always goes the extra mile to make the event sing. Great things happen when Gio is Captain!


Dillard Sholes


Dillard hails from Tennessee and his biscuits prove it! He also makes a mean focaccia, the best chocolate chip cookies, and a chocolate cake that makes the boss lady very, very happy. All the desserts he makes are secretly vegan, but he’ll gladly accommodate any requests for traditional baked goods too. Give us a shout and let us know your favorites.