I don’t know if you remember, but a few years back, I sheet mulched the front yard of my home with girlfriends to create a food forest. It’s pretty amazing. I’ve had two crops of Cavendish bananas and my pomegranates are going off this year! I have a lemon, tangerine and apple tree in the backyard, so I’m feeling pretty well rounded!

The apple & pear hedge has had it’s ups and downs but continues to thrive even if someone just picked all the unripe apples. Sad day. We have a whole eco-system happening and a little finch cafe! Recently we had a red tail hawk swoop onto the porch and try to get a friend’s long hair chihuahua!

I’m not sure whether the ripening of my own fruit made me more aware of the fruit of others or what, but seriously folks, there is so much fruit out there!

These are my grapes. My Johnny planted these years ago and I just harvested my first crop. Grape jelly for everyone! So delicious! I felt like my Grammy, putting up!

These unripe persimmons belong to my neighbor.  She doesn’t speak much English but if I time it right, and she’s harvesting, she uses the international sign for “take some” and always hands me a few. I didn’t really eat persimmons till I moved here.

I adore them dried.

Not everyone is as friendly with their fruit. Take this mango tree for instance.

I mean, I understand  protecting your bounty, but still, too much?  I think so. But then again, look at these soon to be juicy beauties.

I love the way papaya grows. Johnny says “NO PAPAYAS!!’  (I ask for them every year.)  TOO MUCH WATER!  But look how they grow. So clever. I love them.

There’s a neighbor up the hill with a perfect apple tree. It gives so much fruit, twice a year! Jealous!

Lest we forget the avocado.  They seem to keep the squirrels in plumpness.  What do you have in your neighborhood?  Do you share?