There are so many moving parts getting a love celebration together, but that’s what makes weddings great! It’s the perfect time to involve your friends and family.  You don’t have to have a clear vision going in, it will form as you talk to professionals about your celebration. It’s important to figure out what is the most important part for you, the betrothed.  Colors, place settings, florals, valets, music, catering and mixology are all part of the mix. As professionals who know other professionals, let us help you with our wedding catering services!

Let your family or friends take active rolls. Let someone help you with the cake, someone else to help with florals. Take the time to enjoy the process, lean in and get  that community going!

Behold the Donut Friend Wedding Cake! And vegan too! The sky’s the limit!

I can’t say enough about having an event coordinator. They are the most important purchase of the celebration.  They know people, and like us, they do weddings every weekend. They know what’s up!  Take some time to find the one that’s right for you and it will be a match made in heaven.

If you want kids at your wedding, invite them!  If you don’t, make sure it’s on the invitation so as not to ruffle feathers later. I personally welcome all those little ankle biters, I think the more the merrier, and might I recommend a baby sister for all of them at the reception??

Of course, the food and the bar are super essential! Naturally,  we want you to  go taste the others, and then come to us.  Our amazing combination of delicious food and hospitality are guaranteed to impress.  We can create special elixirs and libations,  and as far as the menu goes, we aim to please.  Flexibility is key when couples blend their preferences and desires and we can make it into a cohesive and abundant menu that reflects the happy couple.

Invite who you want, find the money you need and prepare for an epic celebration of you! You are the stars of the evening, and everyone will want a little piece of you. Eat well, hug hard and re-apply your lips every now and then to maximize your instagram look!

Above all else, what makes a wedding great is all the love in the room.  There is nothing better.