Beep if you believe

beep if you believe

I am overcome with patriotic swelling in my heart for the Occupy Movement. I like what my teacher said last week “the world is not a place, it’s a process.” Similarly,  the occupation is not a protest, it’s a movement. As a member of the 99%, I am in 100%.


Mainly, I am disturbed about our food supply.  Why do we have to petition to label GMO foods, when other countries are burning them to keep them out of their homes? THEY SHOULD ALREADY BE LABELED!!

Secondly,  it’s not right that the banking bastards are not being held accountable – look what they did to Martha! She served her time and learned how to make her own poncho.

Third, it’s about me. I was squeezed out of Culver City by my stinkin’  landlord because of… MONEY.  I have reduced my need for income to the maximum, as the recession of 2008 had my customers holding on tight to their expendable dollars, parties were the first thing cut. Being in events, this had a mighty sting. But I persevered –  I re-invented my business, made new friends and continued to quest toward a fair food system with my spare time.

I do everything the government says I should.  I have workman’s comp (and I’ve never made a claim in 25 years) , liability, business and auto insurance. I’ve never had an accident nor set a building on fire. I pay my bills on time. But, I can’t afford to offer health insurance to my staff, and they can’t afford it either – they are the uninsured. Healthy, young and strong,  and hoping they don’t have any serious health issues in their near future.  I pray for them, because I cannot pay for them.

on the steps asking for stuff

When I went down to Occupy LA last week, I organized the kitchen tent. I worked with a family that was occupying, and I think they may have been republicans.  They were all unemployed.  They were not white hippies,  and so what if they were?  What’s wrong with that?  As a joyful white hippie I don’t understand why it’s a slam that we are driving the movement, what’s the problem with that?

Yesterday, Cornel West was arrested for holding a sign on the steps of the Supreme Court. They are pulling out all the absurd laws to break us up.  But we will prevail.

Because  in the words of my hero (who showed up the day I was feng shui-ing the kitchen tent)

“Justice is LOVE gone public.”

Oh yeah, and I like the masks.  I think they’re a little creepy yet provocative.