WOW!!  Three weeks ago, we had a bunch of high schoolers curious about  cooking. Yesterday we had master chefs  in the chemistry culinary classroom! It’s a great feeling to know that we planted the seed of healthy eating and the skills to make it happen  to an amazing crew of 30 Jefferson High School Democrats!  Tash, who brought along Roy Choi and  the Outstanding Alice  (all from their day jobs at Kogi) had the overall win with chipotle bean bites, a strawberry salad with tomatoes and celery leaves and a balsamic vinaigrette. Philip and his team won my vote with their teams white bean and kale stew (the vegan variety).

Rosemary’s team knocked it out of the park with potato tacos and a curtido that tickled my toes. Alice’s team got the most creative use of  the secret ingredient when they presented a  fruit and yogurt dessert with zucchini in there!  They also got the award for most colorful  with this delicious green pasta sauce. Andres made the judges and his team squeal audible yummy noises with  peppered pasta and spinach and a fantastic omelet.  Prizes for everyone of course, but mostly  a big shout out to the chefs who showed up , set up and cleaned up for the past three weeks. You are my heroes. You shared so much knowledge with the Jeff kids.  They all have a new found courage in the kitchen thanks to you!