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"The food was fantastic, the cake was amazing, and the staff were perfect. They made everything so easy for me, kept me completely informed and allowed me to enjoy the party as if I was a guest. Thank you again for everything, it could not have been more successful."

"I would like to thank you for running the wedding reception. You did a terrific job. You have great ideas, the menu was excellent, and the tables were beautifully decorated. But most of all, your easygoing reachable person was the most attractive thing about your whole package. You have fun. You are lovable and exciting to be around. You seem to get the most out of life one day at a time."

"What a great day you made for us. You have a gift Jennie, an amazing gift of magic. Thanks for using it on our special day, the day was perfect thanks to you."

Plant Based Parties

My quest to save the world has inspired my latest venture – Plant Based Parties!

Welcome to Jennie Cooks Catering!

Who Wants Seconds?

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Who we are

Since 1985 Jennie Cooks has been creating perfect production lunches, swell celebrations and everything in between. It’s all about the food - and service with a smile is a close second. As a dedicated permaculturist and food advocate, sourcing locally grown and organic foods has been a priority, though it does cost a little more. We offer wild salmon and mahi, organic potatoes, organic greens and organic dairy products everyday. We have vendors available to create an entire organic meal should that be your priority.

What we do

We do it all! Intimate parties, celebrations, milestones and crew meals are among our favorites. You can pick up the food, we can drop it off, or we can provide full service. We do what you want...we’ll CATER to you.

About Jennie Cook

Jennie’s a little food obsessed and that’s a good thing. She loves parties and people. She takes excellent care of every client, making each one a lifelong customer. Her weekends have been filled with events for the last twenty five years and she is looking forward to twenty five more. She is available on request for dinner parties, event supervision and general handholding. She loves to spread the word about the delicious revolution, she loves to talk about it too, and she teaches!

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